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Adam M. Myers, DPM

Andy W. Miller, DPM

Jason T. Bakich, DPM

Kristen A. Henry, DPM



Myers & Miller Podiatry, Inc. provides complete foot and ankle care to patients of all ages. The practice was established in 2000 by Dr. Myers, and has grown to include Dr. Miller in 2006, and most recently Dr. Bakich.

Our core values of respect and honesty are the basis for how we manage our practice, and we have grown by building relationships with our patients in order to better serve their needs.

Myers & Miller Podiatry serves Tuscarawas County, Ohio with offices in Dover, Uhrichsville, and Holmes County, Ohio with an office in Millersburg.

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Preventing Foot Problems

Disease, years of wear and tear, ill-fitting or poorly designed shoes, poor circulation to the feet, or improperly trimmed toenails cause many common foot problems.

To prevent foot problems, check your feet regularly -- or, have them checked by a member of the family -- and practice good foot hygiene. Podiatrists and primary care physicians (internists and family practitioners) are qualified to treat most feet problems; sometimes the special skills of an orthopedic surgeon or Read More...